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Pretty good

The voice acting it's really good and the different camera angles and shaky camera makes the actions scenes more intense. I also liked how it has an original story instead of going for the usual stuff people have done before. One thing you could improve it's the background music because in some parts it was missed and could've helped the atmosphere in key moments. Good job...I'll be sure to watch the following episodes.

As much as i like the art...

I can't see this as anything else but a collection of traced slide shows nicely colored with some background music and voice acting...

For future episodes try adding at least some kind of animation and try to come out with a few camera angles of your own instead of using ones that fit the drawings that you traced..

And as bad as the low volume of the voice acting is, i think the worst part of this movie it's the huge file size...and what makes it worse is that this is a movie that could EASILY be at 2mb. Next time if you plan on including licensed MP3's change the export settings so you won't get such a big file size on your movies.

Wing00 responds:

Excuse me but you missed a couple things when you wrote this review.

1. This was my first major flash movie.
2. None of the images were traced other than the basic models I used in a few scenes.
3. I'd like to see you make a better 3D X-Buster shot.
4. I'd also like to see you make a better MegaMan X cartoon that is entirley original.

Good as Always

Well I think anyone who was having high expectations for this flash will not be disappointed. The movie just as the first one was very well animated and the camera work was really good too.

It's always good having great voice actors because they help you with the athmosphere and bringing the characters to life. These guys did a great job, congrats to them.

And well now we'll have to wait for the 3rd part which without a doubt will be better than the first two.

Keep up the good work and good luck with your future projects.

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well done...

but isnt it ctrl+b break apart?..it's better to import the sprite sheet and then go to modify-bitmap-trace bitmap...

anyway i think it's a good tutorial for those who have no idea how to do it...

nicely done..

being a big fan of soccer(or futbol or football like it's really called) i found this game really entertaining...it got more to it than just the typical pick where you wanna kick and kick..and i just laughed my ass of at the guy who mentioned the "people just standing there" hahaha...nice job


below average in my opinion...the game was...pointless, not a lot of creativity went into that and the fight, not a lot going on on that one either.I mean you guys couldnt even agree on the screen size.

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