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Looong absence

2011-05-14 18:59:41 by CheveLoco

First of all I just want to apologize to those who have taken their time to send me a message and have not received an answer or received it after a long time. I don't really have much time to log in and reply to all the messages so don't think I am ignoring you or not read them. I try to answer them as soon as i get a chance and even if I can't get to write back just know that I do read all of them. Thank you for the nice words and to those wondering about another animation...all I can tell you is that currently I am not working on any new projects. As soon as I do, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

- Rigo -

Finally, the movie it's completed. Now it's just a matter of adding the sound fx and the menus and it's ready to go. Expect the movie to be out monday 23 or tuesday the 24th. The movie will be around 12 minutes long and it'll be close to 7.5mbs.

Hunter Zero 5 release details and release date

Hunter Zero 5

2009-02-17 20:10:12 by CheveLoco

I know i have taken a long time off, maybe too long. But these last couple of weeks ive been working hard to finish the last episode. It wouldn't sound too crazy if i said this will be out before march is over> i know a lot of you have been waiting a long time but i promise it will come out soon.